One winter afternoon at Phoenix Park in Dublin

I wish to share with you my stroll in Phoenix Park, a real moment of relaxation for your head and your mood. Did you know ? Phoenix Park is the second largest park in Europe after Sutton Park in Birmingham in Great Britain.

One afternoon at Phoenix Park

You can find a zoo, a cricket club, a hospital, the residence of the American Ambassador, sports events, and a few other locations. 

I like walk in Phoenix Park and admire its beauty, its grandeur. But what I prefer is, but what I prefer, it’s wake-up me early, I catch my sneaker and go to run, then travel through hiking paths at Phoenix Park. Moreover, you can be surpris by stags, however don’t scare them. 

And you, if you live in Dublin have you visited this place ? How do you find it ?

It’s like our Central Park, same if I’m never in New York, maybe one day.

Travelers advice 

  • good shoes
  • one camera
  • good mood
  • time and patience 


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