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    Butternut squash with marinated beef for dinner

    No need to be a great chef to prepare good dishes, just be creative and look in your fridge. Today, I found butternut squash and marinated beef, I present my recipe butternut squash with marinated beef. You can substitute beef marinated with marinated chicken, pork with caramel, bolognaise, or any garnish (meat, fish or vegetarian with a sauce)

  • gratin de gnocchis
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    Gratin of bolognaise gnocchis and its vegetables

    In the beginning I would to prepare a gratin of cannelloni with tomato sauce and vegetables, but I didn’t find in my store, so I improvised with gnocchi. I present youmy recipe of the gratin of bolognaise gnocchis way Bolognaise revisited. This dish is perfect in winter and it is easily frozen if you prepare in large quantities. Good preparation…