Phoenix park

One winter afternoon at Phoenix Park in Dublin

I wish to share with you my stroll in Phoenix Park, a real moment of relaxation for your head and your mood. Did you know ? Phoenix Park is the second largest park in Europe after Sutton Park in Birmingham in Great Britain. Read More

Roses des sables

The roses of sands with chocolate and granola

First, HAPPY YEAR 2017 to all, and to succeed this recipe we need a ladle of good humor, a cup of success, a few liters of love, a pinch of smile and a spoon of silver. Then, just mix it all in order to get what you desire.  Read More

Rillettes Salmon and Tuna, a perfect appetizer

A perfect recipe to make a quick appetizers for your party. It’s fresh and tasty, you just need some toast and voilà. This recipe gave by my best friend’s mother and with some changes from me. I hope you will enjoy this lovely appetizer : rillettes salmon and tuna! Read More

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